Self Care Ideas for the New Mother: How to Find Time to Take Care of Yourselves with a Small Baby

Self Care Ideas for the New Mother


Self care ideas for the new mother?

Is that even possible?

How can you think of practicing self‐care when you’re taking care of a wee baby?

Actually, you can and you should.

Self‐care is what makes it easier for you to deal with the sleepless nights, the endless nappy changes, the middle‐of‐the‐night and round‐the‐clock feedings and the overwhelming exhaustion as well.

Self‐care doesn’t mean that you need to head to the spa or book yourself a room at a hotel {though those are nice, too!!}. Self‐care means taking time out to replenish, renew and recharge yourself.

It means being able to give yourself some breathing room so you can breathe easy.

It means being able to do what makes you happy so you can spread happiness at home.

At the end of the day, self‐care is about caring for your self so you can care for those around you, with ease and without resentment. Yes, resentment is real and it does rear its ugly head when you feel uncared for.

So, how does a new mother practice self‐care without losing her head completely?

Here are 5 easy‐to‐do self care ideas for new mothers, and none of these take more than 5 to 10 minutes. Yes, that’s it.

1. Shower and wear something pretty

Hand the baby to your husband or call a friend or neighbor to baby sit or simply put the baby down for a nap and hop into the shower, step into something that makes you feel pretty {and yes, sweatpants count!} and put on some perfume or makeup, even.

You’ll be amazed at how wonderful you feel and how much energy you have.

2. Slather lotion on your hands and feet

You can do this anytime and softer hands and feet make you feel oh‐so‐lovely.

Change a nappy? Wash your hands, slather on lotion.

Baby napping? Slather on lotion on your feet, pull on some soft socks and feel pampered, instantly.

Do it regularly and you’ll have hands and feet as soft as your baby’s bottom!

3. Put on some music

Music has incredible healing and uplifting powers. Can’t play music because it’ll wake up the baby? Put on some headphones, girl and rock around the clock room!

4. Go for a walk

Getting outdoors and breathing in fresh air, seeing other adults around you and just enjoying the sights and sounds that are different from the four walls of your house can be quite an energy booster.

You can pop baby into the stroller and head out or you can hand baby to your husband and go power walking on your own. Pop on those headphones and pump up the volume on your playlist as you head out. 10 minutes and you’ll come back feeling like a new person.

5. Take a nap

Yes, I know. Probably the most clichéd advice ever to nap when baby’s napping.

But hear me out.

The dishes, the laundry, the unmade beds, the dining table that looks like a disaster zone can all wait. No They really can.

What can’t wait are your own health, sanity and peace of mind. All of which will feel a lot better when you’re rested.

So, even if you don’t really go to sleep, just lie down for 10 minutes and close your eyes. Diffuse some lavender or peppermint essential oil and you’ll feel the tiredness seep out of your bones and the energy and enthusiasm climb back up.

There you go, mama.

5 simple, easy‐to‐do, inexpensive and incredibly energising self‐care ideas for the new mother.

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Self Care Ideas for the New Mother

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