Story Stones: Imaginative Play with Impact

Story Stones: Imaginative Play with Impact

Let story telling come to life as your child plays with Story Stones. Story Stones are smooth bright hand painted images on stones. Great for interactive or quiet play.

What your child will gain from Story Stones:

Development of Speech – Story Stones can be used similar as flash cards, and then developed into speaking between different characters as the child narrates the story.

Thinking Skills – Watch your child think, brainstorm and create with Story Stones.

Improve Memory – As the stones come back out to play, your child might even go back to the last story they created and use the same character yet different plot and scene.

Building Creativity – Set designs, scene creations and character building all adds to building creativity and thought processes to your child’s development.

Imaginative Play – Ever wondered what imagination for a child is needed for adult life? Ever been in a situation where you needed to think outside of the box? Adults and children need to build upon their imagination to build up their life skills for now and in the future. Plus watching your child’s imagination soar is really thrilling.

Confidence Booster – Everything from the idea to the production and engaging with an audience will see their own confidence sky rocket.

Storyteller/Role Playing – Skills for your child to pretend to be in a different character’s life and speak to an audience to share the story, will add great value to their lives. They may even express their emotions through the characters.

Engaging with Parent and Child – The beautiful memories you will have shared together from Story Stones play, will be everlasting.

And so much more!

Ideas on How and Where the Story Stones can be used:

1. Ideal for long car rides. Once eye spy is well and truly played, let your child choose a stone and tell everyone in the car a story. Let the scenery around them help them create, imagine and story tell an amazing story. No iPad’s needed for this car ride!

2. Join together and write down the page turner story as your child transcribes it. Then find images and print the story and give out as a gift from your child.

3. Great for learning English and Drama subjects at an early age. By using the stones, ask your child to sort the stones into scenes, characters and props. They then build a story from beginning, middle to end through their ideas and imagination.

4. Halve the stones, let your child create a story with their half and you create a story with the other half. Then mesh the two stories together and laugh together at how funny the stories combined turned out to be.

5. Have a day every week, where you dedicate the morning or afternoon to Story Stones Fun and then host a special production in the evening to show to Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and the list of guests goes on.

6. Let your child draw and design the scene’s sets for their stones story.

7. Let your child use their imagination to use the stones how they see fit.

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