The Importance of Family Routines for Kids: Make Staying on Schedule Easy for Little Ones with Routine Cards {Free Printable Included}

The Importance of Family Routines for kids

Family routines are, in my opinion both as a mother and a mental health clinician, the ties that keep a family sane when days are crazy b-u-s-y!!

Routines offer structure to a day that can easily go awry and streamline activities so that everyone, especially the kids, feels in control and calm.

While routines aren’t a magic pill that you can pop and say goodbye to manic mornings, they are a key tool in helping you ease the mayhem and turn it down a notch or two.

Importance of Family Routines for Kids and Grown Ups

Family routines are a wonderful way to give kids a sense of security so they can deal with everyday “chores” with ease.

Routines also, encourage self-discipline and responsibility in kids.

Routines create comfortable predictability for kids which is super helpful when they’re going through a period of change.

While you may think that routines can curb spontaneity, the truth is that when you implement routines with consideration for your child’s personality, routines can be enjoyable and exciting too.

Imagine this… the kids wake up and they know exactly what they need to do. They head to the bathroom, brush their teeth, wash their face and get dressed for school because they’d laid out their clothes the night before.

By the time you’re up and getting breakfast ready, they’re all set for school and can sit down and eat their breakfast happily. You now have time to either chat with the kids or even, read a short story.

Does that sound unreal? Like out of a 19th century fairytale?

I used to think that too.

But then, I discovered something so simple and yet incredibly effective for helping both Finlee and Chloe enjoy their mornings and afternoons while giving me some breathing space too.

Want to know what it is?

Come closer… a little closer.

Two little words : Routine cards.

That’s right.

Routine cards are wonderful educational aids for helping kids know what needs to be done and when so that they have everything they need in order for their days to start and end smoothly, without you having to nag them endlessly or them having to ask you a bajillion and one questions.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

I’m making your job easier and giving you beautifully designed routine cards that you can print out and use right away to add more calm and peace to your everyday life.

Next, tell me in the comments do you have a routine for your kids? What does it look like? If not, what are your struggles with routines? Let’s talk!

The Importance of Family Routines for kids




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