The Ultimate, Mum-Approved Guide to the Best Kids Lunch Boxes

The Ultimate, Mum-Approved Guide to the Best Kids Lunch Boxes


Ask any mum what she’s always on the lookout for and one of the answers you’re bound to get is “The best kids’ lunch boxes!”

As mum to Finlee and Chloe I’ve given this answer, myself, so many times, that it’s crazy!

But think about it. Our kids spend a lot of time outside the house. Either at daycare, kindy, school, at the park, in the car, or on the beach. Yes, outdoor time is awesome for our littles and as a Mum, I like to ensure they have healthy snacks to munch on when out and about.

Naturally, lunch boxes and bags for kids is what I’m always looking out for!

So, I’m taking my years of experience in buying kids’ lunch boxes for Finlee and Chloe as well as for the thousands of Mums who shop with us and am sharing our top picks for the best lunch gear for kids, of all ages.

In fact, some of them are so cool, you may want them for yourself. Not kidding!

Plus, you can be 100% sure that all of our lunch box choices for kids are BPA-free, easy-to-use and easier-to-clean.

On that note, here is the ultimate guide to the best mum-approved kids’ lunchboxes ever:


  1. YumBox Makes Everything Yummier

Kids Lunchboxes- Yumbox Panino Bento Lunch Box Tutti Frutti

The YumBox lunch box collection is our number one go-to. It’s so smart and easy to use, I reach for it almost every day!

The different compartments allow me to pack a variety of lunch stuff- sandwich, fruit slices, homemade chips or cookies with ease while my kiddies love the cool Eat Well tray that reminds them to get their veggies and fruits done every day!


  1. Bento Lunch Boxes for Kids Pack a Bunch of Good Health


What do you use when you want to pack a healthy lunch, complete with salad and dip? You go the Bento Box way!

Every mum needs these in her kids’ lunchbox collection. I’m serious. It makes packing a healthy lunch easy and effortless. The Bento Boxes come with watertight containers and are perfect for packing yogurt, dips or sauces with your lunch stuff.

Plus, the removable containers ensure you can customise the lunchbox to suit what you’re packing.

Oh, and did I mention that kids who don’t like their food to touch love these lunchboxes!

Told you, it’s a must for every Mum!


  1. Apple and Mint Lunch Bags Keep Lunches Fresh and Tasty

Apple and Mint Kids Lunchboxes Reusable Lunch Bag Black Superhero


There are lunch bags and then, there are Apple and Mint lunch bags. These trendy-looking, smartly styled lunch bags are just what you need when you want to pack a sandwich, a fruit, a pack of juice and a treat easily and without any fuss.

Spacious and sized just right, with a unique cooling panel that stays away from the food but keeps lunches fresh and tasty, the designs on these kids’ lunch bags appeal to both little kids and older ones. Win-win.

Plus, they’re so easy to clean. Wipe clean and you’re all set. Nice, isn’t it?


  1. Snazzy Sandwich and Snack Bags for Stress-free Snacking



I have a bunch of these smart and snazzy reusable sandwich and snack bags that make tossing a healthy, homemade sandwich, a cookie or two and some nuts into the tote super fast and easy.

I’d recommend having at least 3-4 of these handy {or 2 bags per child} so when you wash the 2 you’re using, you have 2 handy as well.

Best ways to use them is to pack a sandwich in the sandwich bag and give to each kid when heading out to say, the park, the supermarket or the doctor’s clinic. You can do the same with the snack bags and toss some healthy snacks that your kiddies enjoy, like these homemade baked cinnamon apple chips or Cadbury Chocolate Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies into them.

Want more recipes for healthy, homemade treats and lunch box snacks? Check out our Recipes section.

Want to shop for the best kids’ lunchboxes in Australia? Head to the Finlee and Me store and take your pick!


The Best Kids Lunchboxes

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