Top 10 Educational Toys for 4 Year Olds: The Best Learning Toys for Kids, Aged 4 Years

Top 10 Educational Baby Toys of 2016


Educational toys for 4 year olds can be quite fun to choose.

No, really.

Even though when you head to a kids toy store online or offline, you can be blown away with the choices you have, it is actually quite fun to see how learning toys can blend play with educational concepts too.

Plus, 4-year olds are at that wonderful stage of being able to identify what they really enjoy and verbalise it too.

So, yes, shopping for them can be very interesting.

As Mum to Finlee and Chloe, I’ve done a fair bit of learning toy shopping for kids of all ages and stages, and here are my top picks for learning toys for kids, aged 4 years.

 Top 10 Educational Toys for 4 Year Olds

  1. Kinetic Sand is Great for Sensory Play and Fine Motor Skills

educational toys for 4 year olds kinetic-sand

Kinetic Sand is a top choice for educational toys because it’s so cool and yes, tons of fun too.

Imagine, being able to bring the sand pit inside your house without the mess and fuss.

Kinetic Sand is great for sensory play and also, for improving creative thinking as well as fine motor skills, making this a must-have for every 4-year old’s playroom.

 2. Brackitz for Building Construction Concepts

educational toys for 4 year olds Brackitz The Architect 100 Pieces Set

We love Brackitz because unlike, other construction toys, you don’t just have to make buildings or vehicles with it. You can use it create just about any 3-dimensional structure you want.

It’s a great introduction to engineering and construction concepts as well as helping 4-year olds work with principles of math, science and build problem-solving skills as well.

 3. Mini Patternation is Perfect for Design and Creativity Skills

educational toys for 4 year olds Tiger Tribe- Wooden Toys- Mini Patternation Pattern Making Board

Does your 4-year old enjoy creating designs and patterns? Do you find him or her doodling away on the table or umm…the wall?

You need this gorgeous Mini Patternation board from Tiger Tribe that allows creative kids to make hundreds of patterns on the wooden board using magnetised tiles.

 4. Science Idea Box for Supercharging Scientific Learning

educational toys for 4 year olds idea box

Make learning about how things work with the activity-based Idea Box-Science theme. You’ll get 60 fun ideas to make experimenting and learning scientific concepts easy and engaging for your 4-year old.

It’s a great way to connect with your kids, since most of these experiments would require adult supervision and help as well, so you can use this time to not only teach but also, bond with your kids.

 5. Diaries for Kids are Delightful Writing Tools

educational toys for 4 year olds locked-diary-for-kids-deer

Want to encourage your 4-year old to practice writing skills?

Get him or her a diary. This beautiful locked diary for kids, comes in a range of designs to appeal to both boys and girls. It includes a wooden box that includes a matching diary, a sheet of stickers, 2 keys and a heart lock. Everything a little writer needs to pen down their ideas, dreams, thoughts and more.

 6. Collecting 10s Dice Game for Learning Numbers

educational toys for 4 year olds Finlee and Me Kids Games Collection 10s Dice Game MAIN

Make learning numbers, identifying them and also, sorting and grouping them with ease with this super fun Collecting 10s Dice game that everyone can play together.

It’s also super compact, so you can easily keep it handy to play in the car, the café or on the plane!

 7. Make Creative Story Telling Come Alive with That’s My Story Cards

educational toys for 4 year olds That's my Story CardsFour year olds are natural story tellers. You have to give them that!

You can channelise their storytelling skills and help them structure their stories, with characters, events, problems and resolutions using the That’s My Story cards!

 8. Books for Kids are Always a Blessing

educational toys for 4 year olds Finlee and Me Kids Books - Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers about Animals Book

Yes, books for kids may not be technically considered toys, but they are a part of kids’ playrooms and play time too.

Especially, interactive books, like the Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers about Animals book or the Lift-the-Flap General Knowledge book, make learning tons of fun too!

 9. Sumblox Gives a Fun Spin to Learning Numbers

educational toys for 4 year olds Building Blocks for Kids SumBlox Wooden Number Blocks for Kids

Hardwood blocks that can be stacked on top of each other to help kids develop a solid grasp of mathematical concepts, like addition, subtraction, multiplication and even, fractions… all while having tons of fun and playtime too. Yes, Sumblox are a Mum’s best friend to have for making educational playtime possible for kids.

 10. Flash Cards are {Still} Fun

educational toys for 4 year olds Flash Card Sets Pantone Colour Cards

Yes, we cannot have a list of the best learning toys and not include the good, ol’ flash cards. So, here are our fave flash cards that make learning about numbers, alphabet letters, animal sounds and more easy and engaging for everyone!

There you go! 10 of our best educational toys for 4 year olds, all in one place for you. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook and share which ones are YOUR faves.

Top 10 Educational Baby Toys of 2016




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