Top 20 Stocking Stuffers for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

Stocking Stuffers for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

Make Christmas morning memorable this holiday season with these purchasing your child something from the Finlee and Me Top 20 Stocking Stuffers for Babies, Toddlers and Kids list.

I don’t know about you, but I find nothing worse then by 11am on Christmas morning finding small plastic pieces scatter throughout my house and then throwing everything in the bin because it’s already broken. So this holiday season purchase quality toys that will last throughout the year, allow for creativity, but more importantly make long lasting memories for years to come.

Stocking Stuffer Idea #1 – Car Tape Kits

This super cool Tape and Race Car Kit will allow your little ones to create a wherever they are; grandma’s house, hotel room, kitchen floor etc. All you will need is a floor to stick it on, peel of the tape and the kids will be off to the races. Head here to view: Finlee & Me Car Tape Kits

My First Autobahn Car Track Tape

Stocking Stuffer Idea #2 – Sensory Water Marbles for Kids

Sensory Water Marbles are a wonderful way to promote learning and development for kids. Kids will not only benefit from the sensory stimulation, but can also work on fine motor skills, sorting, colours and so much more. Head here to view the Finlee & Me Sensory Water Marbles for Kids


Stocking Stuffer Idea #3 – Beach Stamps for Kids

If your family loves the beach then you’ll want to get yourself a set of these amazing beach stamps so your kids can create cool and artistic sand scenes. Head here to view Finlee & Me Beach Stamps


Stocking Stuffer Idea #4 – Drawing Sets

These beautifully, Australian made drawing sets for kids are a must have item to have in your car, handbag or nappy bag for little ones to get creative and keep them occupied while on the go. Head here to view Finlee & Me Drawing Sets


Stocking Stuffer Idea #5 – Build on the Go Lego Bags

Kids love to play with legos, but normally can’t take them on the go because the pieces go everywhere. Don’t worry we’ve solved this problem of pieces going everywhere by sourcing this great Australian made product. Head here to view Finlee & Me Build on the go Lego Bags


Stocking Stuffer Idea #6 – Wooden Bead Grasper

This little gem is a a tactile delight for any little bub. The wooden balls are joined together by an elasticized heavy duty string, which allow bubs to roll the balls around and around assisting in stimulating their senses. Head here to view Finlee & Me Wooden Bead Grasper


Stocking Stuffer Idea #7 – Tap Tap Hammering Set for Kids

The Tap Tap Hammering Set is sure to make learning fun for anyone. This set combines an array of educational factors such as: working on fine motor skill development, imaginary play and creativity. Head here to view Finlee & Me Tap Tap Hammering Set for Kids


Stocking Stuffer Idea #8 – Balloon Balls

Are you scared of your little one choking on balloons? Would love to take a balloon on a plane? We have you covered with our balloon balls that will work on gross motor skill development and encourage exercise. Head here to view Finlee & Me Balloon Balls


Stocking Stuffer Idea #9 – Sliding Whistle

Kids love to make music, head different sounds and just have some fun. These sliding whistles are the perfect stocking stuffer if you have a little one that loves music. Head here to view Finlee & Me Sliding Whistle


Stocking Stuffer Idea #10 – Wooden Notebook Blackboard for Kids

Kids love to draw, colour, get creative, but kids equally love pretending to be like Mummy and Daddy and no better way in doing so then with their very own Wooden Notebook Blackboard for Kids. Head here to view Finlee & Me Wooden Notebook Blackboard for Kids


Stocking Stuffer Idea #11 – Wooden Paddle Boat with Rubber Bands

This wooden rubber band boat will provide hours of fun for kids of all ages both outside in a mud puddle, in the kitchen sink or in the bathtub. Head here to view Finlee & Me Wooden Paddle Boat with Rubber Bands


Stocking Stuffer Idea #12 – Memory Sets for Kids

This set will allow children to play a memory game by themselves or with a friend, while developing their colour and shape recognition skills. Head here to view Finlee & Me Memory Sets for Kids


Stocking Stuffer Idea #13 – Baby Crayons

These baby crayons are great for stacking, working on colours, developing fine motor skills and also reduces the crayon from breaking which means no small pieces for baby to choke. Head here to view Finlee & Me Baby Crayons


Stocking Stuffer Idea #14 – Wooden Shape Puzzle

This fantastic colourful wooden shape puzzle is designed for the smallest of hands, which will allow for bub/child to work on fine motor skill development, colour recognition and play. Head here to view Finlee & Me Wooden Shape Puzzle 


Stocking Stuffer Idea #15 – Wooden Dough Stampers

Kids love to get creative with play dough, cookie dough, mud and so many wonderful textures and these wooden dough stampers are the perfect addition for exploring with. Head here to view Finlee & Me Wooden Dough Stampers


Stocking Stuffer Idea #16 – Spy Decoder Book

Kids of all ages love to write secret messages that only they know the secret way to decode the message. This would make a fantastic stocking stuffer for anyone who loves being a little secretive. Head here to view Finlee & Me Spy Decoder Book for Kids


Stocking Stuffer Idea #17 – Elastics for Kids

Do you remember playing elastics as a kids? Getting out in the sunshine, spending hours with your friends and making up cool chants to do with elastics? Head here to view Finlee & Me Elastics for Kids


Stocking Stuffer Idea #18 – Tangram Puzzle for Kids

The Tangram Puzzle is a great educational activity for both at home on a rainy day or quiet time, but equally fantastic to take on holidays or out to dinner. Head here to view Finlee & Me Tangram Puzzle for Kids


Stocking Stuffer Idea #19 – Kinetic Sand

98% Sand and 2% magic… Kinetic Sand is one of the coolest products on the market this holiday season. A wonderful gift to work on sensory play, fine motor skills and imaginary play. Head here to view Finlee & Me Kinetic Sand


Stocking Stuffer Idea #20 – Dancing Ribbon Rings

Children love dancing with ribbon rings. Simply turn on some music and watch your little ones connect with music and get lost in their own fun. Head here to view Finlee & Me Dancing Ribbon Rings


As you can see from the brilliant range above, stocking stuffers don’t have to be plastic and don’t have to break by 11am on Christmas morning. And remember at Finlee & Me we have over 1200 + products that will last forever and create childhood memories that will last a life time. Head to Finlee & Me to view our entire range.



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