Toys for Boys

Toys for Boys

Do you know someone expecting a boy or do you have a boy’s birthday party to attend?  If you’re a mum to a little girl, choosing toys for boys can be tough.  There’s so much available for girls and so many pretty girls clothes – but boys are tough!

Boys Clothes

When choosing boys clothes, look for tough over gorgeous.  Sure, gorgeous is important and a little boy dressed to the nines is the most beautiful thing in the world but for the rough and tumble factor, aim for well made, generously sized boys clothes from a boys boutique.  Buying at department store is fine for around the house but if you’re looking for a gift for a little boy, and want something a little special, you may find department store clothing poorly made, poorly sized AND not special enough to give as a gift.  For new babies, consider some bootie socks, or an adorable sweater and hat and for older boys, consider some gorgeous boys pyjamas.  These are useful, practical and something that mum won’t have too many of!

Newborn Baby Boy Toys

Newborn babies don’t need many toys but do need visual stimulation.  A baby mobile or black and white flash cards are the ideal way to stimulate little eyes and minds.  As the baby gets a little older rattles not only help surprise the baby with sounds but to work those motor skills and get little hands functioning.  Soft toys are also a bit hit for the little ones, aim for colours, textures and chewability! Mums will also appreciate room décor and good night light for feeds and later monster protection never goes astray!  When your baby starts crawling, balloon balls and soft cloth jingle balls will encourage crawling and be a big hit!  They’re also quiet – which makes them a big hit with mums!

Toddler Boy Toys

Toddlerhood is the time of smash em up and break em down for little boys.  It’s about who can make the most noise and cause the biggest reaction.  It’s also about cars, rubbish trucks, fire trucks, earth moving trucks, tractors and just about anything else truck related.  If you’ve got a gentler soul to buy for, little boys who enjoy creating rather than destroying will love blocks, play dough and water play toys.  Balloon balls are a big hit with boys of this age too!

Preschool Boys Toys

This is where things get more fun.  This age is typically the age where boys start to make friends.  At this age, trucks are still big and so is water play but simple board games, counting and writing games and science project ideas can be a great way to introduce a love of learning to a little boy.  Board games and car race tracks are a great way to help an only child or oldest child learn to take turns and play fair.

Choosing toys for boys can be tricky if you don’t have a little boy in your life already.  Just like little girls, this age is about discovery and excitement – add a dash of gorgeous and well made and you’ve got the perfect little boy gift!


Guest Blog by Janet Reid

Janet Reid is the lead designer and owner of Australian fashion house,  Mida specialises in adorable designs for little boys, including tough durable and beautiful boys clothes and pyjamas.

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A Mom of Girls and Boys
A Mom of Girls and Boys
8 years ago

We love that you see boys write, create, and count with glee. Just remember that trucks and noise and science toys are for girls as well as boys. Mums of girls love science, too! Science is for me, and science is for you.