Traveling with Babies and Toddlers

Top Ten Must-haves When Traveling with Young Children

Traveling with babies and toddlers does not have to be your worst nightmare. Confined spaces and long sitting down times can be arranged with new and exciting activities and quiet play through various must-have products. Even travel accessories that will have you organised and carrying less will aid in making your travel more pleasurable and less stressed. If you are waking up from nightmares of your baby screaming the entire ten hour plane trip or even just want a more organised approached to travel, then read on to find out more!!

Top Ten Products you will be grateful for packing when traveling with babies and toddlers:

1. Baby Portable Mat: Having a place to lay your baby down or play on, during waiting periods at the airport or even when you go to the park, is important. Keep your baby off the germ filled floors and instead pack a super light, clean Monkey Mat. The Monkey Mat is portable and comes in a range of bright colours. The colour alone will boost your mood when your flight times have been delayed and you have to wait another hour in the dull airport with your very cute, squirmy baby. View the colourful range here: Baby Portable Mat

2. Portable Bottle Warmer: Ideal for times when you want to spend the day out and about. Travel with a portable bottle warmer. This product is incredible. For a baby’s bottle or just to take with you when you are travelling to the snow to warm up your hands! Versatile too as the portable bottle warmer can be cooled too. Perfect for leaving the home and getting out and about without the worry of keep your baby’s milk warm. Safe to touch. View this must-have product here: Portable Bottle  Warmer 

3. Travel High Chair: When you travel overseas, one of the biggest hurdles you can face, is not having restaurants suited with baby equipment. A Travel High Chair is what you can take with you. It is very quick to assemble even with a baby in the other hand. Especially fabulous for those babies who love to splatter food everywhere. Now the cleaning is easy and no embarrassment necessary as you clean the chair rather than the floor. Also fantastic for eating at airports (or anywhere really!) View Travel High Chair 

4. Wet Bags: Are a must have for any holiday or even short trips out. Wet bags are life savers. You know how your baby likes to do something rather stinky when you are out and about. But hold on, there are no rubbish bins nearby, then pull out your wet bag and place the nappy inside. Once home, toss it in the wash. (Make sure the nappy is taken out first!) Also perfect for those occasions where you are bush walking and discover a hidden rock pool and decide to go swimming. Place your baby’s wet swimmers inside and protect the rest of your gear from getting wet. View the lovely designed wet bags here: Wet Bags

5. Adorable Drawing Set: Travelling by car, airplane, train or even in the stroller, your child will absolutely delight in this adorable drawing set available from Finlee and Me. Let your child have fun, decorate and get creative in times when you would rather be lavishing in your hotel than waiting for the taxi to take you from the airport to the hotel or waiting in the long queues. Save your own sanity and invest in this. When you start to feel stressed, simply look down at your child’s drawing and smile. Tell your child, “See, I told you, you were brilliant. I gave you that creative gene.” And pat yourself on the back for being a great parent. View: Adorable Drawing Set

6. Fold ‘N’ Go Car Mat: Does your child love cars? Instead of them zooming over the tops of seats and on stranger’s shoes, pack a ‘Fold ‘N’ Go Car Mat. Easy to wipe clean and pack away. Plus it will amuse your child for hours. Girls will have fun playing on this mat too, they can use dolls, animals and more. You could even point out the pictures on the map and play a game to find those pictures where you are. For example, “Do you see the bus across the street? Where this the bus on this mat?” Great for learning colours too. View: Fold “N” Go Car Mat

7. Lay-N-Go Big Mat: In other terms, transformer bags! One minute you are carrying a bag and the next you are opening the bag to revel an activity mat. But wait there is more, you can then have in the bag Lego or small toy pieces. Carry small toys or a Lego building set with you. Let your child play at a restaurant on the table next to you, while you get to eat your three course dinner in peace. And simply convert the mat back into a bag leaving you with no concerns of any missing pieces as all the pieces will be in the bag. Great for travelling in air as well. Wow, now that is cool. View: Lay-N-Go Mats

8. Memory Game & Bingo: Travel games with large, bright images and patterns on soft fabric is a winner for all. You do not have to worry about that embarrassing tired tantrum where your child begins to throw anything that is in their hands. (If they did throw this, at least it’s soft). Great for playing a variety of games in small locations. Your child can play for hours with this cute set. Also great for sensory play as well as memory and did I mention it is fun! Play solo, or together. Any aged child would love this play set. View: Memory Game & Bingo

9. Chalkboard Mat: Let your child have fun creating magic with their fingers, as they draw on the chalkboard mat. Great for moments, when you need a break and need to introduce quiet play. Or for those bored times where the scenery in the car has not changed for the last five hours straight. And you have completely run out of eye spy objects to play. View: Chalkboard Mat 

10. Balloon Ball: This product is absolutely awesome for trips to a hotel or somebody’s house where you do not have to worry about anything breaking. The fabric balloon cover is ideal to fit in for small suitcases or travel bags. A great toy that can be taken on holidays without taking much space. Once you are at your destination, insert a balloon in the end of the cover and blow it up and tie the end. The result, has your child bouncing their heads as they mirror the ball bounce. Giggling and having a smile from ear to ear. And after hours of travelling. This might be the best remedy of fatigue (for all involved). View: Balloon Ball 

Do not just hope and pray that your child will sit quietly in their seat for hours on end. Be prepared. Pack smartly with light and compact items. And possibly, only bring out travel toys when traveling, to draw your child’s interest in immediately. Be sure to tell any parent who is travelling, of Finlee and Me’s must have products for travelling with young children.

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