What Do Mothers Use the Internet for?


What Do Mothers Use the Internet for?

Surely I can’t be the only mother who plugs in and zones out via the internet. With the internet at our finger tips, it allows me personally to keep in touch with my family from Canada, read the news and look up endless questions regarding Finlee’s constipation, Chloe’s worm situation (an all time parenting moment) etc. It’s got me wondering though what do mothers use the internet for?

I ask this because I’m curious to know, is there a common thread with mothers and what we look up, am I missing some awesome material that I should be looking up or are mothers using the internet to pay bills, upload photos, online grocery shopping etc.

What Do Mothers Use the Internet for Survey

I’m currently doing some research around this topic for some upcoming projects for Finlee & Me and would love to have your perspective and input. I’d really appreciate it, if you could take 30 seconds to complete this survey by clicking HERE.

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