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Wooden Toys for Kids

Many of the toys on the market these days are inexpensive plastic toys with flashing lights and loud noises, packed into boxes with so many screws and wires it takes two people to extract them. These toys tend to do all the work for kids, talking, walking, pooing and flying.

Lasting the test of time

An abundance of fun is had in the first few days of play, then ultimately within a few weeks and occasionally a few months they are either broken or require so many battery changes that we have all given up. In amongst the plastic toys however, are the wooden toys, standing the test of time. There are so many positives to buying wooden toys that it’s difficult to know where to start. They outlast their plastic counterparts by decades and can withstand even the most rigorous play.

Better for the environment

Environmentally, wooden toys take the prize. They don’t have the same production process and volumes of non- biodegradable waste. Generally chemical free wooden toys don’t carry the same dangers as plastic toys.

Ignite the imagination

Children need to interact with wooden toys, encouraging imaginative open-ended play. As parents we tend to be more involved in activities that require more interaction, like building blocks. Any activities involving the whole family are fundamental to a child’s confidence and development.

So next time you consider purchasing a birthday present consider a wooden toy. Better on the environment, free from nasty chemicals and more interactive resulting in greater development for your child.

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