30 Days of Christmas Cheer {Day 26}: Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

30 Days of Christmas Cheer: Build a Snowman

“It was the beginning of the greatest Christmas ever. Little food. No presents. But there was a snowman in their basement.” — Markus Zusak

As someone who grew up in Canada, making a snowman was part of Christmas holidays and some of my happiest memories are of building a snowman with friends and family.

But what do you do if you’re not in Canada…and are in Australia, where the sun shines brightly during Christmas holidays?

You still build a snowman! That’s right. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t build snowmen this Christmas season. Read on to see how we make our snowmen and enjoy this happy holidays tradition, minus the cold and the snow.

Creating Childhood Memories and Traditions Activity

Make fun and laughter-filled memories for the kids this Christmas by bundling up everyone into the car and hitting the beach! That’s right. That is where you’ll build your snow {sand} man!

Take some carrots and hats with you for the snowman. While there, collect shells or rocks to decorate his “coat” with and take plenty of pictures to capture this fun filled tradition. Make it a day out with a picnic lunch and enjoy this classic tradition while making beautiful memories for the kids.

30 Days of Christmas Cheer Build a Sand Snowman


Awesome Must-Have Christmas Product of the Day

30 Days of Christmas Cheer: Gift Ideas

Kids board games are a hit any time of the year, and especially so, at Christmas. Our Pop to the Shops game is incredibly popular {pun intended!} because not only is it highly engaging and beautifully designed but it’s also a wonderful way for children to learn about money transactions, decision making and more. Click here to check out the Pop to the Shops board game as well as other educational toys for kids.

Fun Christmas Craft Idea

30 Days of Christmas Cheer Lego Nativity Puzzles

Have a Lego ™ fan at home? Add to the Christmas spirit by making your own Lego ™ nativity puzzle with ease! Click through to read I Can Teach My Child’s tutorial on making a cheery, cute and completely Christmassy Lego ™ nativity puzzle, complete with a printable too!

Fabulous Family Fun Tip


If you’re planning to travel during the Christmas holidays and before the new school season starts, you have to read my review of the best kid-friendly hotel in Bali, the Grand Nikko! We had the best time there thanks to their amazing facilities for grown ups AND kids!

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