Making Christmas Memories and Cooking with Kids: Rudolf Biscuits {Recipe}

Cooking with Kids: Rudolf Biscuits

Making memories with children and creating holiday traditions that are cherished and enjoyed are what we’re all about.

We love cooking with the kids in the kitchen and since you know how much we enjoy making sugar cookies or sweet Strawberry Santas, today we want to share another super easy and fun recipe to make Rudolf Biscuits. The perfect accompaniment for those Strawberry Santas, don’t you think?

Christmas Cooking with Kids: Rudolf Biscuits

Here is the step-by-step recipe with photos for you to enjoy this sweet holiday activity with your kids, this Christmas:


Cooking with Kids Rudolf Biscuits Ingredients

1 x Packet of Melting Chocolate

1 x Packet of Red Raspberry lollies

1 x Packet of Milk Arrowroot Biscuits

1 x Packet of Choc Chip (coloured choc chips were used here)

1 x Box or 3 x Small bags of Tiny Teddies.


*Melt chocolate over double boiler or in microwave at 30 second intervals until melted. Let the bowl and chocolate cool before giving it to the kids.

Cooking with Kids Rudolf Biscuits: Step1

*Spread chocolate on the back of the Milk Arrowroot biscuit

Cooking with Kids Rudolf Biscuits Step 2

*Place raspberry for nose, choc chips for eyes and upside down Tiny Teddies for antlers.

Cooking with Kids Rudolf Biscuits Step 3

*Be prepared for some artistic creations and happy messes as well!

Cooking with Kids Rudolf Biscuits Make Happy Memories

These sweet Rudolf Biscuits are great fun for all ages and they tasted delicious.

Cooking with Kids Rudolf Biscuits

While cooking with kids may sound tough and challenging, easy recipes like these are just what you need.

Go ahead, take out a little time this weekend and make happy memories that’ll last forever.

Want to make more cheery Christmas memories?

Write a letter to Santa with our free Santa Letter printables and then, make adorably cute Reindeer noses and magic reindeer food and bag it up with our free Lolly Bag printables.


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