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Pipe Cleaner Craft

Great craft idea: pipe cleaners and a drainer. Works on colours, fine motor skills and imaginary play. Best part only cost me $1.30 for the piper

Water Play Activity with Finlee

  Great activity for your little ones. I wanted to do an activity that I didn’t have to go and buy anything. So I got funnels, buckets,

Recycling Craft Ideas for Kids

Recycling Craft Ideas for Kids It’s 7am. You’ve been up since 5am and you’ve already played cards, read books, had breakfast, played hide and seek,

Easy No Cook Playdough Recipe

Easy No Cook Playdough Recipe In the 4 years that I’ve been a mother, I have avoided playdough on many occasions until now when I

Easter Bunny Childrens Art and Craft

  Children’s art and craft doesn’t get better than Easter and it’s coming up fast!  Easter wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate (and moderation does tend