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Teaching Kids Random Acts of Kindness During the Holiday Season

“Throw kindness around like confetti.” I just love this quote. It’s such a beautiful reminder to us all to spread a little kindness wherever we

Organix Baby Weaning Foods for All Families

{Sponsored Post} Less then 18 months ago, I was frantically trying to balance my full time job with the government as a mental health clinician,

Top 10 Benefits for Connecting Kids with Nature + FREE Scavenger Hunt Printable

Have you heard the expression “the kids are bouncing off the walls!!!”, as in they’ve been cooped up inside for too long and have started

The Pressures of Being a Good Mother

It’s 8:04pm in Brisbane, Australia and I’m sitting at my computer crying my eyes out. I’ve just lost my shit for the last 45 minutes

How to Get Kids to Do Chores: 5 Yell-Free, Tears-Free Strategies that Work

Do you find yourself Googling “how to get kids to do chores without losing my freakin’ mind?” You aren’t alone, mama! I’m right there with

50 Positive Things to Say to Your Child + Free Printable

The Importance of Positive Language In the general chaos of everyday #mumlife, it’s forgivable to sometimes let the words spill out absent mindedly and not

The Importance of Taking Photos with Your Kids

I was scrolling through my iPhone the other day (4,000+ images) and was amazed at how many photos I had of Finlee (my 7 year

The Real Cost of Education for Our Children

{Sponsored Post} Last night Finlee (my almost 7 year old) came up to me and reminded me that we needed to charge his IPAD for

The Importance of Family for Our Children

As the pilot came on over the intercom and announced we were on our final decent into Edmonton Alberta, Canada my heart skipped a beat.

The Internet Service All Families Should Know About – Vividwireless

{Sponsored Post} Yesterday I moved house. It sucked. Really, really sucked. Between having to find a new place, packing, disconnecting and having everything connected again;

WIN – Peppa Pig Live! Big Splash Tour Tickets!

WIN – A Money Can’t Buy Peppa Pig Live Experience If your kids LOVE Peppa Pig then continue reading; trust me. Back by popular demand,

Childhood Anxiety – What All Parents Need to Know

Anxiety. A word that is hardly spoken about, but yet impacts so many of us on a daily basis; including myself. So it was no

Smartphones are Damaging Your Relationship with Your Children

As I looked into her baby blue eyes and gave her a smile, her shoulders relaxed and she shot back the smile I’ve loved since

Positive Affirmations for Parents: How Using an Affirmation Can Help Mothers Be More Patient with Ease

  Being a parent is no piece of cake. I’ve written about days when motherhood can suck. I’ve written about the importance of being gentle

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea … A Time to Support Our Community and Loved Ones.

Sponsored by Kids Business My biggest fear since becoming a mother to Finlee and Chloe is getting cancer and dying. I also have to be