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The Benefits of Outdoor Play for Kids – Finlee & Me

Benefits of Outdoor Play Children today don’t seem to get the same kind of face time with Mother Nature that they once did even though

Making Meal Times Fun for Kids – Dinner Winner Plate

As parents, many of us struggle with getting our child to eat. There are tears, fights and an over all unhappy feeling with the constant

Review of Amazing Kids and Baby Tights

Here at Finlee and Me we love unique and practical baby products and the amazing tights we found at Baby Goes Retro ticks all the

Best Baby Shoes : Attipas Review

The most upsetting thing about Attipas shoes is that I wished I had found them earlier for my two older kids when they were in

Natural Kids Products

Natural Kids Products You Will Be Grateful For As your baby grows, they start to place everything in their mouth, especially when teething begins. Therefore

How Big Will I Get While Pregnant?

How big will I get now that I’m expecting?  I think this questions crosses every pregnant woman’s mind. It’s the first question dismissed by midwives,

Leaving Your Child In Someone Else’s Care

Leaving your child in the care of a nanny or babysitter for the first time can be a daunting prospect for many parents.  Finding the

Getting Messy with Play

Sensory Play for Kids In todays world, we are slowly slipping away from allowing are kids to get messy through play. Some of this can be linked to how

Eating Out with Kids

So You Thought Your Social Life Was Over……. My name is Jane and I am the owner of Eat Out with Kids Australia and I have

Sensory Blankets and Toys For Cognitive Development

Sensory Blankets And Toys For Cognitive Development So, what’s with the buzz about sensory blankets and toys?  Sensory is a bit of a buzz word

Nursery Wall Décor

Nursery Wall Décor and Decorations For Boys! So much awesome, pretty nursery wall décor is available for girl’s rooms (always the way) but what about

Teething Gel and Teething Amber

Teething Gel, Teething Amber and Silicone Products – What you need to know about teething products Teething gel and teething amber are often a staple

Toddler Nightmares and Finlee and Me Night Lights

Night lights aren’t always enough – dealing with nightmares in toddlers Night lights, a favourite blanket, a teddy bear, a cuddle from mum and still,

Home Schooling In Australia – Montessori And Other Methods At Home

Home Schooling In Australia – Montessori And Other Methods At Home Home schooling used to be only for country kids who simply did not have

Montessori Method – What’s The Deal Anyway

Montessori Method – What’s The Deal Anyway This month on Finlee and Me, we’re talking educational options for your child. What is Montessori Method and