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Reading Tips for Parents: How to Read to Your Kids with Ease and Even When Life is Busy

As mother to Finlee and Chloe and as someone who’s managing a full-time job, a business and well, life… I find time to often be

Best Number Learning Toys for Toddlers

Have you been looking for a fun way to help your toddler learn numbers? Enter… the best learning toys for toddlers that make numbers their

What Do Mothers Use the Internet for?

What Do Mothers Use the Internet for? Surely I can’t be the only mother who plugs in and zones out via the internet. With the

Dear Mothers – Be Gentle on Yourself

Dear Mothers, As you read this, you’re probably trying to make school lunches,  or breastfeeding your hungry baby, putting a load of laundry on or

Making Snacking Easy and Effortless with The Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids eBook

Healthy snack ideas for kids? Really? Yes. Really. Let’s face it… Kids are little snack monsters. They need a constant supply of snacks to keep

The Best Learning Toys for Toddlers Aren’t Found in a Store

  Learning toys for toddlers are the rage.  After all, we do want to stimulate our kids’ curiosities, encourage their creativity, nurture their innate talents

Weekend Away for Mothers.

As Mother’s we need to recharge our batteries because the daily grind of motherhood can be draining and leave little time for self care of

First Grade is the New University

As I was preparing all of Finlee’s (my 6 year old) school supplies for grade one, I started thinking how things have changed and quickly

Make Connecting with Kids Easy, Fun and Interesting in Just 10 Minutes a Day

  Connecting with kids. Making memories. Putting precious deposits in the minds of our children. Building bonds. Forging relationships. Childhood is an incredible time to

#1 Thing They Don’t Tell You About When Becoming a Parent

There are many words of advice that friends and family tell you when you’re preparing for a baby. Hell there are still many things friends

3 Things Every Child Needs to Learn

This post is dedicated to all the parents out there who have read every pregnancy book, parent book and are still struggling to figure out

Business Coaching for Small Businesses

As an entrepreneur, writer, experienced Clinician and also a business coach for women I want to work with small businesses through business coaching. I want

The Best Educational Toys for Babies: Top 10 Wooden Baby Toys for 2016

  We did a roundup of the best educational toys for toddlers, so it was only natural that we do a Finlee and Me guide

Capturing Childhood Memories with Kids Moving Pictures.

I love watching Finlee and Chloe trying to figure out the world. How Chloe lays her baby dolls on their tummy, slowly patting them to

Valentine’s Day is More Than Just Flowers.

Why is there such a huge push for Valentine’s Day to be this end all, be all kinda day? A day where there is so