Water Play Activity with Finlee

  Great activity for your little ones. I wanted to do an activity that I didn’t have to go and buy anything. So I got funnels, buckets,

Recycling Craft Ideas for Kids

Recycling Craft Ideas for Kids It’s 7am. You’ve been up since 5am and you’ve already played cards, read books, had breakfast, played hide and seek,

Easy No Cook Playdough Recipe

Easy No Cook Playdough Recipe In the 4 years that I’ve been a mother, I have avoided playdough on many occasions until now when I

Easter Bunny Childrens Art and Craft

  Children’s art and craft doesn’t get better than Easter and it’s coming up fast!  Easter wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate (and moderation does tend

Magic Easter Jellybeans

Creating Easter Memories with Your Family Everyday is a great day to create memories for your family, but why not also start this wonderful family

Butterfly Snack

  A simple orange and some grapes and you too can create this awesome butterfly snack.

Chewy Chocolate Slice

Chewy Chocolate Slice This chewy chocolate slice is a delicious combination of moist chocolate fudge and easy to make slice. It’s a great lunch box

Quiche in a Bread Cup

Quiche in a Bread Cup These quirky little quiches make a great lunch for school lunchboxes, at home or on a picnic. Ingredients can be

Jelly and Yoghurt Cups

Jelly and Yogurt Cups Jelly and yoghurt cups have a wiggley and jiggley texture that a lot of children love. These colourful cups are playful

Frozen Yogurt Icy Poles for Kids

Frozen Yogurt Icy Poles for Kids I am always on a mission trying to find simple, healthy, but yummy snack options that my little ones

Cool Snack Ideas for Kids

Fun Ideas for Healthy Snacks for Kids Finlee my four year old wanted a “fun” snack he told me this morning. Since today is Sunday

Chicken Noodle Soup in Thermomix

Healthy Chicken Noodle Soup for Your Family I feel a good chicken noodle soup is not only fantastic on a cold winters night, but also

Nutella Self- Saucing Cake in a Cup

Nutella Self- Saucing Cake in a Cup by Brisbane Kids!!! 2 minutes to mix together, 90 seconds in the microwave = AWESOMENESS!!! Click on here for

Creamy, Healthy, Ice-Cream Treats!

Creamy Healthy Icey Blueberry Treats! Blueberry Ice-cream Pops….cannot be healthy right? Wrong!  These amazing little summer treats are all about delivering the wonder foods you

Sticky Date Cheesecake Bites

Sticky Date Cheesecake Bites These sticky date cheesecake bites are a delicious treat for your children or even for a morning tea with friends. They