Painting with Nature

Our painting with nature activity is great for children of all ages and stages. You can go for an explore in your backyard or venture

10 Reasons to Start a Garden with Your Kids

When you think of growth in most facets of life, the result is more than often positive.  As you learn and your knowledge grows you

Balloon Splatter Painting

What child doesn’t love balloons and paints so put them together and you have the perfect balloon splatter painting activity that is going to keep

9 Tips for Picky Eaters

The last month or so, both Finlee and Chloe have been pushing the boundaries with food. Not wanting to eat or only wanting to eat

Best Gooey Slimey Toy for Kids

Did you know that gross games are a hot trend? Yup, the gooier and slimier the better! When it comes to the one that elicits

Me Time for Mothers is Not Selfish

Anyone else feel like this? Wake up, get the kids breakfast, get the kids dressed, make lunches, break up a few fights, drop kids off

Sensory Play with Ice Cube Painting Activity

This great fun sensory play activity with an ice cube is perfect for a warm day or if it’s during the cooler months then rug

Top 5 Activities To Do with Your Family This Weekend

A collaboration between Finlee and Me & Recycled Mats I don’t know about you, but kids these days are constantly on the go. From the

Volcano Science Experiment

Our volcano science experiment is a fabulous activity that the kids will love. It has everything most kids love – colour, getting hands on and

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

What little girl doesn’t love Frozen so when it came to Chloe’s last birthday we decided to put our heads together and come up with

Simple Playdough Activities

Playdough is a great activity for the kids and a great way to chill and relax with them too. You can keep it as simple

33 Fridays and My Baby Girl Will Be Starting School

As I dropped Finlee (my son) off at school, Chloe gave me the look and there’s only one thing that look can stand for that

Recognising Signs of Mental Illness in Your Child

Don’t freak out or anything, but I watched Netflix for the first time last week! And in just three days I watched more TV then

11 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a New Mum

We are all ecstatic when we get to welcome a new family member or a friend’s new baby into the world. We are joyous and

Unstructured Play is What Your Child Needs

Unstructured Play is What Your Child Needs Unstructured Play. We hear those words but do we really know what that means? And, how do we