Traveling with Babies and Toddlers

Top Ten Must-haves When Traveling with Young Children Traveling with babies and toddlers does not have to be your worst nightmare. Confined spaces and long

Best Building Blocks for Kids

Best Building Blocks for Children Building blocks have never been more advanced for eager young leaners than now. Looking for more creative learning, or visual

Benefits of Music for Children

Music and Children Let music boost your child’s life. Music has an array of benefits such as helping develop your child’s speaking and comprehension skills.

Rainy Day Activities for Kids at Finlee and Me

10 Rainy Day Activities for Kids At some point, every mother searches the internet desperately seeking rainy day activities for kids. You are not alone!

Birthday Gifts for a 1 year old at Finlee and Me

Birthday Gifts for a 1 year old Choosing birthday gifts for a one year old is as much about mum as it is about bub!

Educational Baby Toys- Start Young at Finlee and Me

Educational Baby Toys- Start Young The minute those little eyes look up at us in wonderment we want to give them the best start in

Wooden toys for kids at Finlee and Me

Wooden Toys for Kids Many of the toys on the market these days are inexpensive plastic toys with flashing lights and loud noises, packed into

12 Awesome Alternatives to Easter Candy

12 Awesome Alternatives to Easter Candy As parents, we all know the effects of too much sugar and chocolate. With the Easter holiday coming near,

Safety tips for kids in crowds from Finlee and Me

Safety Tips for Kids in Crowds – it’s Festival Season Again! Whether you’ve got a new bub or a big school kid, the Aussie winter

Sling Baby Versus Wrap Baby – Baby products by Finlee and Me

Baby Carriers: Sling Style From Finlee and Me Baby slings and wraps are great for clingy babies, that quick trip to the corner shop and

Perfect Gifts For Three Year Olds

Perfect Gifs For Three Year Olds Three year olds are tricky. They are cute, clever and know what they want. They are no longer young

How To Swaddle Wrap Your Baby – Products by Finlee and Me

How To Swaddle Wrap Your Baby We’ve all heard or read advice about newborn babies. One such gem is to swaddle or wrap our new

Halloween Crafts For Kids

Halloween Crafts For Kids Kids love Halloween, and mums do too.  Halloween crafts for kids mean making something a bit spooooky and who doesn’t love

Rock Garden Markers

  This is a great idea that will not only make your little ones happy but also make the mother happy as you can use

Pipe Cleaner Craft

Great craft idea: pipe cleaners and a drainer. Works on colours, fine motor skills and imaginary play. Best part only cost me $1.30 for the piper