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Top 5 Tips to Help Exhausted Mothers Look and Feel Good About Themselves.

{Sponsored Post} Since having kids, my idea of looking hot pretty much consists of wearing sweatpants, a jumper/sweatshirt and flip flops for shoes. Add the

Motherhood – Somedays You Just Have to STOP and Inhale a Can of Whipcream.

Let me give you the hot tip, today went a little something like this… At around 1:30pm I was full. Full of yelling, full of

The Real Cost of Education for Our Children

{Sponsored Post} Last night Finlee (my almost 7 year old) came up to me and reminded me that we needed to charge his IPAD for

The Importance of Family for Our Children

As the pilot came on over the intercom and announced we were on our final decent into Edmonton Alberta, Canada my heart skipped a beat.

The Internet Service All Families Should Know About – Vividwireless

{Sponsored Post} Yesterday I moved house. It sucked. Really, really sucked. Between having to find a new place, packing, disconnecting and having everything connected again;

Healthy Eating for Mothers with Lite n’ Easy

{Sponsored Post} As a Mother, wife, business owner, maid, cook etc I’m finding less and less time to focus on my own self-care. Can anyone

WIN – Peppa Pig Live! Big Splash Tour Tickets!

WIN – A Money Can’t Buy Peppa Pig Live Experience If your kids LOVE Peppa Pig then continue reading; trust me. Back by popular demand,

Nutella Cookie Cups from Finlee & Me

I thought there was nothing better than eating Nutella straight from a jar, until I made these Nutella Cookie Cups and I’m here to confirm

Making Snacking Easy and Effortless with The Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids eBook

Healthy snack ideas for kids? Really? Yes. Really. Let’s face it… Kids are little snack monsters. They need a constant supply of snacks to keep

Pencils of Promise

With the morning sun on my face, the breathtaking view of the ocean in front of me and the sweet sound of tropical birds chirping

20 Non-Candy Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids

I love filling Finlee and Chloe’s Easter baskets, as it takes me back to my childhood on Easter morning. I remember I would receive 1-2

#1 Thing They Don’t Tell You About When Becoming a Parent

There are many words of advice that friends and family tell you when you’re preparing for a baby. Hell there are still many things friends

3 Things Every Child Needs to Learn

This post is dedicated to all the parents out there who have read every pregnancy book, parent book and are still struggling to figure out

Business Coaching for Small Businesses

As an entrepreneur, writer, experienced Clinician and also a business coach for women I want to work with small businesses through business coaching. I want

Understanding the Benefits of Play for Our Children.

I’m concerned about the world of technology and how it’s forced on us from the time we wake up to the time we go to