Plane Pal – Must Have Travel Accessory When Travelling with Kids

I’ve been travelling for years with Finlee (my 7 year old) and Chloe (my 3 year old) and we love setting off on a grand

A Bali Family Holiday at Club Med Bali Resorts

A collaboration between Finlee and Me and Club Med I don’t know about you, but over the last 6-8 months, I’ve felt our family is

Simple Painted Rocks Tic-Tac-Toe Craft for Kids

A collaboration between Finlee & Me and Spotlight Over the last few months, Finlee (my 7 year old) and Chloe (my 4 year old) have

When you know something isn’t quite right with your child…

They say mothers know when something isn’t right with their child. You feel it. You feel it in your bones, you feel it in your

Top 5 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes for the Family

A collaboration between Finlee and Me and Fountain I don’t know about you, but between working full time, school pick up/drop off and after school

Saying Goodbye to My Boy – You’re Growing Up too Fast

The other day I was laying in bed and was just about to get out and get you breakfast for you and your sister, but

Valentine’s Day Kids Craft: Love Canvas

Since becoming a mother to Finlee and Chloe, my favorite gifts to receive are the handmade ones. The ones where their little fingers have been

Kid Friendly Gold Coast – Top 5 Reasons to Make the Gold Coast Your Next Family Holiday Destination

A collaboration between Novotel and Finlee and Me The Gold Coast is a holiday destination that I’ve been traveling to since 2002 when I came

School Holidays: You’ve Finally Broken Me. Bring Wine.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost the battle to fight anymore during these school holidays and this image from Marie O’Neill Design and

Top 5 Must Have Back to School Supplies

I don’t know about you, but the thought of going to the shops, with all the other holiday exhausted families is not something I want

Dating After Divorce – with Kids.

I didn’t plan to be hurtling towards forty and hitting the dating scene again. It’s not as if I particularly enjoyed it the first time

Finding My Joy Again

Somewhere between being pregnant and now (7 years later), I’ve lost my joy. Literally. I have lost my joy. I don’t know what the fuck

Rainbow Spaghetti – A Great Sensory and Fine Motor Skills Activity for Kids

Chloe my 3 year old loves rainbows, so I thought I’d make her some rainbow spaghetti as an opportunity for her to explore different textures,

10 Helpful Ways to Help a New Mum

Being a new mother is both the best time of your life, as well as one of the most difficult. It can be a season

Kids Craft Ideas: Painting with Flowers

Earlier today, I was tidying up around the house and was going to throw away the flowers I had purchased last week, but I quickly